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Our Response to COVID-19

Things are changing very quickly. Here are some things you need to know:

1) Yes we are still working. We are considered an essential service. It looks a little different though. We are working for the companies we support to provide the assistance they need.  

2) Yes we are preparing tax returns. We can’t meet with you face to face, but we have options. For those that are receiving refunds, are seniors that receive GIS, parents that receive Child Credit – you need to file, sooner rather than later. We will work with you to make sure you are filed. 

Please check out our link on the Contact Us page if you have items you need to send us.

3) We are keeping apprised of the changes regarding ROE’s, support measures that are being implemented, and working to help you get the correct information as it is available to us.

4) As of now we have gone back to our regular hours Monday through Friday 8:30 to 5. However, this is primarily to accommodate the picking up of cheques or dropping off of paperwork. There will be no face to face meetings.  You are able to come in and sign your taxes if you feel comfortable doing so.

5) For the protection of our staff, we have provided the ability to work remotely. That means that you can email anyone of our staff, and they will be able to answer you. It may take a little longer (please be patient!) but we will work to ensure you are looked after.

This is a strange time for everyone. Please stay safe, don’t put yourself at risk.

We will be posting links to items that are of interest regarding the Supports various levels of government are implementing.